Empowerment and the Feminine Women’s Weekend Workshop

The focus of this workshop is the idea that by allowing ourselves to be radically authentic, we have the capacity to heal ourselves by accessing and releasing reserves of energy and vitality. 

Participants will engage in various exercises to... 

  • Empower yourself through assertiveness, boundaries and anger work

  • Free yourself from the Inner Critic

  • Accept and celebrate your bodyRelease yourself from relational patterning learned early in childhood

  • Develop your intuition

  • Find new Energy that has been tied up in the shadow

  • Celebrate in the safety, support and wisdom of other womenLet your Feminine side blossom

Recognize and release old and deeply held patterning that no longer serves you.

Process deeply, let go, re-energize and re-purpose, breathe, meditate, dance, write, share and more...


Deep Integration

With the invitation to be deeply authentic and the safety to be emotionally vulnerable, we reconnect with parts of ourselves we have lost contact with. Having integrated deep wounding, we come more into integrity with who we are, more fully and dynamically alive. This workshop is an  opportunity to heal the wounds we have endured to our own being.

When we have not integrated our wounding, we tend to live slightly (or massively) separated from who we really are. Instead, we live as we think we should be, keeping up appearances, betraying our truth to please others, split away from our own being and unaware of what is driving our habitual behaviours, repeating the same relationship patterns. It is a painful, deadening way to live.

Intimacy with others is possible only when we are able to connect with who we deeply are, be emotionally open, assertive about our needs, and set boundaries with others. In other words, we need to be able to know what we feel, what we want and need, be able to ask for it, or simply say no to others’ requests. We need to be able to back ourselves up, our right to feel what we feel and make choices about our participation with others. In this safety, we can open up and vulnerably share with our partners.

This workshop uses dynamic meditation practices, psychological exercises, breathing techniques, homework assignments, and performance exercises to initiate a process of empowerment and deepening into further intimacy with ourselves.


Discover Your Courageous Heart, Moving Through Fear

Without even realizing it, many of us become dominated by fear. We are afraid to live fully or love with abandon. We may be afraid or embarrassed to look at ourselves and the patterns that hold us back from facing our fears. And in that sense we become like moths to a flame, choosing the same old pain, identifying with woundedness, instead of learning to face fear, choose our brave heart and open up to life and to love.

Participants will strive to:

  • Learn to look at yourself honestly and without self-condemnation.

  • Find the courage to love freely without holding back out of fear of being hurt

  • Bravely share your gifts with the world

  • Connect with self-confidence and the strength and self acceptance that comes with allowing vulnerability

 You may be dominated by fear if:

  • Your life has become small, constrained, repetitive, routine or lonely

  • You aren’t living your dreams

  • You have forgotten what your dreams are

  • You don’t know what you want

  • Your relationships are boring, conflict ridden or disconnected

  • You have few or no close, intimate friendships

  • You have low energy

  • You are anxious or depressed

  • You are inhibited

  • You are afraid to ask for what you want or need

  • You are putting up with poor treatment from others

 Life naturally presents everyone with challenges that can produce fear:

  • Impermanence

  • Loss

  • Conflict

  • Mistakes and missteps

  • Rejection or perceived rejection

We all need to develop the capacity to cope with and face fear so that it doesn’t take dominate us. We will use active meditations involving dance, movement, music, deep breathing techniques, as well as meditative awareness. This group will also involve group process, experiential exercises, self reflective writing exercises, expressive exercises, and dyad work to create and build intimacy.


Disengaging the Inner Critic

Learn to disengage, ignore and immobilize the CRITIC within! The inner critic judges, condemns and picks apart our best selves, our best efforts. It can be debilitating, painful, and humiliating.

Learn to be free from this destructive, chastising inner voice. How much more able to move forward in your life? How much freer would you be in your work? Less afraid, less nervous, freer to move forward and take risks. How much happier would you be in your relationships? Less defensive, less hurt. How much more could you live freely in the moment?

Do you have times…

  • When you believe you are not good at what you do

  • When you think you are not a good person

  • When you feel unattractive and unaccomplished

  • When you question your self-worth?

  • When you feel depressed, sad or incapable

Most of us do at times. It is ok if you have these times, but what if you could do something about it?
You know the voice. The one inside your head, or sitting on your shoulder, criticizing, admonishing, condemning you…

And yet it is entirely possible to be free from the drone of the critic!


Deep Authenticity

Dive deeply into your own process, stuck areas, areas of deep feeling while benefiting from the compassionate, supportive embrace of others on the same journey.

Learn the freedom of being deeply honest with yourself and others. Learn to live from conscious choice rather than automatic patterning. Embrace vulnerability to become closer with others without sacrificing the truth of who you are. Live your purpose.

Speak your truth to create closer, more intimate more genuine and fun relationships. Move past power struggles and people pleasing to create relationships built on trust and compassion. Let go of reasonable and socially conditioned behaviours and beliefs and into unique and individual self expression.

Create a life built on your deepest values.

Find more energy.

Enjoy the chance to support others and offer your own insights as a gift to other people.

You may enjoy this workshop:

  • If you are looking for a deeper expression of your authenticity

  • If you are in pain in your relationships

  • If you would like to feel more accepted for who you are

  • If you are unsure about your path in life

  • If you would like to understand how others receive and respond to you

  • If you find your energy or enthusiasm is lagging

Using meditation, group process, experiential exercises, whole body movement exercises for living in the moment, the personal development group will provide an opportunity for significant transformation.